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Big Island FCU
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Current Rates

Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule
Effective Date: Sunday, June 16th, 2024
Account History (after first page) $2.00/page
Account Reconciliation Fee $25.00/hour
Account Research $25.00/hour
ACH/Share Draft/Debit Processing $25.00/item
ACH/Share Draft/Debit Returns $25.00/item
ACH Stop Payment $10.00
ATM Transaction
After the first 6 for the month (at foreign machines)
Bill Pay Overnight Fee $14.95/transaction
Bill Pay Same Day Fee $9.95/transaction
Checks Sent for Collection (foreign) $25.00/check
Coin (deposit or exchange) 10% of coin value
Collection Fee for Negative Share Accounts $25.00
Copy of Cancelled Check/Draft $5.00/check
Courtesy Pay Fee $25.00/item
Deposited Item Return $25.00
Dormant Account (after 2 years) $5.00
Early Account Closure
If account is closed within 180 days of opening
Foreign Transaction
(VISA transaction done in foreign country currency)
1% of transaction amount
Garnishments $50.00/item
Membership Fee $1.00
Notary (non-members) $5.00
Photocopies $0.05/page
Plastic Card Rush (Debit) $95.00/card
Plastic Card Rush (Credit) $50.00/card
Plastic Card Replacement $10.00/card
Returned Foreign Check/Item
*Member will be charged the return fee assessed by the processor
Share Draft Copy Fee $5.00/draft
Statement Copy $5.00/month
Stop Payment $10.00
Subpoenas $50.00/item
Tax Levy $50.00/item
Teller Check
1 complimentary check per day/per member
Teller Check Stop Payment $20.00
Safe Deposit Box
3 x 5 $30.00/year
3 x 10 $40.00/year
6 x 10 $50.00/year
9 x 10 $60.00/year
Change of Lock $ at cost
Drilling of Box $ at cost
Safe Deposit Box Late Payment Fee $5.00/month
Safe Deposit Box Key Replacement $ at cost
Wire Transfers
Incoming $5.00/transfer
Outgoing $25.00/transfer