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Important Notice About The Target Security Breach

Big Island Federal Credit Union is aware of the recent reporting on the security breach and data compromise of member credit and debit card information at Target stores in the United States.

To ensure the overall safety of our members' accounts, Big Island FCU maintains systems and monitors transactions to reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions. We have identified the Big Island FCU credit and debit cards that appear to be at risk. To ensure the overall safety of our members' accounts, we are contacting all impacted members.

Members are encouraged to monitor their accounts closely and report any unknown or suspicious transactions. Doing so will eliminate any liability for fraudulent activity on your accounts. If you think you have any fraudulent activity and would like to review your account with us, please contact us at 808-935-9778.

In addition to monitoring your accounts closely, please also use caution with emails and websites that claim to be from Target. There have been reports of phishing emails and scams related to the card breach.  The communication is made to look like it's from Target.  Do not reply to these emails with any of your data and do not follow links inside these emails.

More information regarding the data breach can be found on Targetís website.

We will never send you an email or text message requesting that you provide us with account numbers, passwords, PINs or other personal information or send an email regarding account deletion or deactivation, debit card and credit card deactivation or activation. And, we will never call you and ask you to provide us with information we already have available to us such as account numbers, passwords, PINs or other personal information.


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